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I have a feeling I might come home with new ratties after Rodent Fest.

I technically have room for two more rats in my CN, and last time I checked, the rescue had some sweet little hairless boys, but I know I shouldn’t take in any more mouths to feed until I’m more financially stable, but at the same time, I have a bag of food that will last me several more months, even if I took on two new rats.

Ugh. This is what’s hard about being a rat mommy. You just want to adopt every rat you come across. And my current four is absolutely nothing compared to most rat lovers I know.

I’m going to go into it with a plan to resist the cuteness at all costs, but if I feel a genuine emotional bond with a rat, I might reconsider. After my first heart rat Peep, I’ve been looking desperately for that sort of connection with a rat again. (Not that I don’t love the boys I have! I really, really do. But Peep and I had a special bond.)

Once again, I encourage anyone who is able to get down to Leesport, PA to the Rodent Fest on the 28th! It’s 10am to 6pm, admission is free, and it’s at the Leesport Farmer’s Market. I hope to see people there!