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Okay guys, money is short these days, and I need to get my pets to the vet, among other things. I’ve seen this work for other people, so here it goes!

I make these clay animals. I’ve done personalised ones, and even custom ones based off of deceased pets. Each figure is about an inch tall. The only issue shipping. They’re very fragile, and I’m still working on how to best ship them. So if you have interest in buying one of these little guys, even one of an animal not pictured, let me know so I can get to work on the shipping issues. Also, any suggestions on how much you would be willing to pay would be great. The amount of materials used is obviously very small, but the time spent on each figure can range greatly. I spent a half hour on the squirrel’s tail alone, to put things in perspective.

Anyway, any thoughts or expression of interest would be great!

I have more pictures of different figures if you would like to see more.

Reblogging this because I posted it really late last night. I’ve made lots of other animals like goats, foxes, ducks, ponies, etc. I could really use the help here, and I don’t have any awesome drawing/painting/photoshopping skills most people who do these things have. I also write, but seeing as I’m not really known as one of those fantastic writers, I don’t think people would pay me to write things for them, even if it was like a dollar.

So anyway, it would be really cool if you guys were interested!

Reblogging this to my rat blog as well because the middle picture is a figure I did of a friend’s rat when she died. She was a sweet little dumbo himalayan named Carly, and I’d love to make keepsakes for other rat owners who have lost a loved friend.